May 1, 2000

Another month, another 30+1 days,

Another month, another 30 1 days, I hope. I missed Who Wants to be a Millionaire’s celebrity show. Damn! Hey, I just noticed Jadzia Dax from DS9 is on Becker, a show with Ted Danson. My mom drove the convertible with the top down. She asked me if I wanted to drive it, but I had to go work, that and I want to save my first time with Monique. .. rrright. Crystal Palace Cinemas got 2 new interact machines, and they’ll be getting a slush machine. Becker’s pretty funny. I like it. What a shocker. Now there’s something else on TV. Family Law. Looks like a cool show. Hey! It’s Captain Christopher Pike!



I’m getting one of these.

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Wow.. tonight’s X-Files…. . .. I Am Canadian commercial WOOHOO!!! ok.. sorry, X-Files, very cool. Damn Tampax commercial, quilted, not
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I meant convertible ride. Geez.