November 27, 2005

and another

I bought a blanket for my bed today, it’s made out of red fuzziness, it’s goes along great with the green fuzziness one I already have. I also bought 2 green fuzziness pillows. Different shade of green. I bought a carpet too, it’s a bit fuzzy, I think it’s 50% fuzziness, 50% polyester.

Drinking a Timmy’s and listening to .. something .. it’s Cheating on You by Franz Ferdinand.

Last night I watched Snatch, 28 Days later and Usual Suspects. Tonight I’ll be watching a few episodes of The Office (UK) if it ever comes down. (slang for download)

I finally started reading Caravans by James Michener.

Vacation starts in 19 days. .. 2 hours 9 minutes 30 seconds

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