November 9, 2002

Aiight.. I’m updating. Lots to

Aiight.. I’m updating. Lots to talk about.. but nothing personal..Went to Navigators with Pat and Jack from work, good times..yesterday I went to Cosmo to celebrate Cindy’s promotion”.. but really it was was just a reason to go out.. saw Adele, but she kinda ignored me. ohh.. that was personal.. anywho I drank ALOT.. 5 double Jack and Coke’s and a beer. Tonight was a slow night.. 4 large Clancy’s… mmmm Clancy’s. I’m listening to The Way by Fastball. I’m getting a bit tired. I need a ti dodo. Bu I’ll keep writing here instead. I got rid of my landline.. I only have a cell now.. I think cell phones will take over wired phones pretty soon.. just like on Seaquest DSV. The whole tablet PC buzz that’s going on now doesn’t suprise me.. I think that’s the wave of the future.. but I agree with the critics.. the first generation sucks.. it’ll only get better. Think PADDs from Star Trek TNG. Right about now, the funk soul brother” love that song.. I also like She’s All That.. with Rachel Leigh Cook.. and Josey And the Pussycats.. she reminds me of a friend I have.. dunno why.. fuzz. Feel’s like I’m starting all over again” What else is new.. I’m single, don’t think I ever mentioned that here, in case people read this to know what’s going on.. ahhhh… whatever.. gnight.

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Since I haven’t updated in a while, I’ll update now. So what to say, what’s new. I bought Sopranos season 2 since Al and I are done watching season
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Woohoo! First snow storm.. I hope. Forecast calls for 20-30 cms, and I’m off, so I’ll probally go out and have a stroll in the snow. I haven’t been