September 3, 2001

Ah ha, an update! What

Ah ha, an update! What have I been upto you ask? (I know you’re not asking this because you know me, you’ve probally seen me, at which point I probally told you nothing was up, but anyway) Well, nothing much. I’m listening to Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew right now, something I haven’t done in a while. What could I drink, I want to drink something, what’s that? Beer? none in the fridge… huh? make something? no thanks, I’ll have water. what’s that you say? .. ah, yes, I AM a wuss aren’t I.

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Another entry. I’m at work. I have a Burger King cup almost full of Barq’s root beer… mmm beer
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Well, chepas la, but Mac OS X est fricken cool. Ya, so I was listening to Chris Colepaugh there right.. so I decided I’d update, both my main page