November 15, 2004

a crowd of people stood and stared

Tonight started off as a normal I want to go downtown because I haven’t been in such a long time” kind of night. So I drove all the way down Elmwood, onto Donald, down Church and parked in front of St. James Gate. Mullet Monday’s .. it’s been a staple in my life ever since Monday’s at Doc’s died. Sadly, Paramount was closed.. no mullets. So, for a split second I decided to go to Doc’s .. because it’s Monday.. but wait.. Monday’s at Doc’s is dead.. so I go to St. James Gate.. the new home of Rik and Brendan. Walk in, greeted by a familiar face, Wayne. Hey, how’s it goin’, gimme a Guiness.” At this point I’m not too happy about the whole no mullets thing. Moe’s the drummer.. alright.. this is cool, Rik is there.. so is Brendan .. alright this is shaping up to be a good night.. Chris!!! woohoo Chris is here!!! They start with a Neil Young tune.. Brendan can’t sing.. what? throat surgury.. that’s too bad.. so who picks up the slack? Chris.. woohoo. the next 7 songs are all Beatles. wow.. just .. wow. I got to watch Chris sing Here Comes The Sun, Norwegian Wood, and A Day In The Life .. probably more. Ch’te dit, pas mal cool. Talked to Moe (Mau-rice) and Chris, he explained what he’s aiming for with all the acoustic shows he’s been doing lately .. go-go gadget Neil Young. Tonight’s expectations were blown away. Still wondering why Paramount was closed.

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verdoyant Sad that I find this site cool. Found it while I was looking for the spelling of orteil.
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bye bye Wally’s I have just been informed that Wally’s Red and White Canteen, the best take out restaurant in Woodstock NB, is closing its red door December 18th.