December 18, 2004

28 days left

I’m leaving in 28 days. w00t.

Damn, I’d kill for a large new mozzy right now. Maybe I’ll go to Big Stop later. I’ve got a Costco pizza in the freezer, maybe I’ll cook that. Maybe I’ll eat out.. I dunno, I haven’t had Arby’s in a while. I wont be eating McDonalds though. I hate that place now. (Even though I did eat there a few days after watching Super Size Me, I’m such a hypocrite.)

Saw JSB and Slowcoaster Friday with Al and Bob. Great show. Nothing planned for this weekend, like most weekends, I’ll take it easy and not do anything. Or do nothing. Either one really.

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woo, Wally’s will stay open So glad it’s staying open. Ned and I are still going to go up though. Or not.
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T - 1 week Geez time flies. I’m leaving in a week.