July 28, 2004

07/28 9:46 CDT

We went to Vancouver/Victoria last weekend .. damn I love those rocky mountains.

We stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast and I overheard someone ask her father: Quosse tu veut dans ton café?”. I had to ask: Yousse tu d’viens?” .. The father answers: Shediac!” What a coincidence .. of all the places and all the people in the country we actually run into someone from Shediac. Doesn’t end there … stay tuned.

On the way up I saw alot of cars stalled on the side of the road, with coolant leaking everwhere. I think it was due to the scorching heat and the massive inclines.

We stayed at the Fairmont Vancouver, nice hotel if you like expensive luxury. Saturday we visited Stanley Park .. very very nice, trees growing over trees, beaches, flowers and stuff. Walked along the waterfront, ya des beaux boat” là. Visited Gastown and Chinatown, had supper then retired to the hotel for drinks.

Sunday we got up early and took a bus/ferry to Victoria .. now there’s a nice place to visit, stayed at the Fairmont Empress. Weather was very nice, lots of tourists.

We walk into an It Store kind of place on Government St. .. guess who walks up and says hi .. the people from Shediac! Twice in the same weekend .. they weren’t even planning on going to Victoria! Craziness.

So now we’re back in Calgary, we have another trip planned for next weekend, then we head back home, with a few stops along the way. Waterloo for sure. We’ll be home to greet Yves, worry pas! We might even see him on the way back.

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