July 14, 2004

07/14 14:20 CDT

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been a bit busy.

So after Sault Ste Marie we went to Dryden, ON, AKA Bum Fuck No Where, ON. What a hole in the ground, the whole town relies on a mill, if the mill closes, the town becomes a ghost town .. there’s alot of them around there. We stayed there 1 day and hung out with Ned’s uncle.

Next stop, Regina .. but before Regina, we had lunch in Winnipeg .. I like how their peripheral highway works, kinda like Wheeler in Moncton. Trees seem to end a few minutes before Winnipeg, then after Winnipeg .. flatness .. lots and lots and lots and lots of flatness. You know how people tell you that the prairies are flat? Well .. they’re more that just flat .. they’re REALLY flat. Regina was cool, very nice clean city, we ate a very nice pub called McNally’s, owned by the people who make Big Rock beer .. that’s a western Canada beer company .. good beer.

Then it was off to Calgary, after Regina it gets a little less flat, tiny hills and the highway actually turns. When you get to Calgary, if the sky is clear, you can see the mountains, very cool sight. We didn’t have any problems finding Monique’s place.

Monique’s place: pink carpet in the bathroom, 3 shades of brown carpet in the kitchen, religious and family pictures hung on the walls .. it’s like stepping in to a museum dedicated to the pinnacle of house design in the 70s. Alot of things are puke green and puke yellow. The floor we’re living on is usually rented out to people, it’s where and old lady used to live and has until recently been put in a home .. so this lady’s crazy daughters show up when they want to pick up the mail .. quite odd. They’re crazy.

Back to Calgary, Iove their transit system, very advanced.. they have a number you can call that will tell you when the next bus will come by at any stop in the city. We’ve been to the Stampeed, it’s basically a really big fair with rodeos and chuckwagon races and other things hicks do. One good thing about it is the concerts, we’ve seen Sum 41, The Tea Party and Fefe Dobson’s last song of her 1 hour puny set. Today we saw laser floyd, tomorrow (thought it’s technically today now) we’re seeing The Trews and Saturday is Nelly Furtado. I’m having a great time. I plan on visiting Edmonton .. the West Edmonton Mall .. and we have a trip planned to visit Vancouver. Banff and Jasper will get visits as well.

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