July 2, 2004

07/03 1:06 EDT

Just got back from a showing of Spider Man 2 in Sault Sainte-Marie, fucking teens were kicking and talking during the entire movie, I am very not impressed.. the theatre chain (Galaxy, a division of Cineplex Odeon) apparently doesn’t have procedures to have users check the theatre periodically .. so they talked during the whole movie .. movie was awesome .. experience was the worst I ever had..

oh yeah .. the trip .. got to Ottawa 07/01 around 8:30 local time, was cool, crappy Tom Cochran was playing on the Hill”, pretty fireworks, ate at Yesterday’s. Caro’s hospitality was equal to none. in 5 hours we head to Dryden.

Ontario has the wierdest passing lanes, you know, the one that let you pass trucks on hills .. instead of having the left lane end, they have the right lane end .. so you have to switch lanes even though it tells you to stay right except to pass” .. and Quebec sucks, I hate the province, roads are aweful, you can tell when you enter Ontario.

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07/01 15:11 EDT Blogging on the road, Ned and I are currently just outside of Levis QC, we’re heading into what seems like a thunderstorm, w00t! It’s a big one, one
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07/14 14:20 CDT Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been a bit busy. So after Sault Ste Marie we went to Dryden, ON, AKA Bum Fuck No Where, ON. What a hole in the