February 6, 2014

well that was fast

calepin is nice, but it seems it’s not really supported anymore.

So I ventured to run pelican myself on sdf. Alas the VHOST and DNS memberships don’t offer much in the flexibility department. Reading on the webs looks like most people (markdown bloggers) gravitate towards jekyll and even octopress. So here I am. I had to convert my posts from scriptog.am / calepin / pelican format to something with a YAML front matter.

This worked:

{% highlight bash %}


Mac OS X .. ymmv

for i in $1/*.md; do sed -i ’ -e s/Tags:/tags:/’
-e s/Title:/title:/’
-e s/Date:/date:/’
-e /title:/i’$’’‘—’
-e /title:/i’$’‘’layout: single’
-e /tags:/a’$’’‘—’ $i” done {% endhighlight %}

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