June 4, 2002

Well, a new month and

Well, a new month and I don’t need to code 3 pages, woohoo, I love this blog thing.. and I heard someone else is taking advantage of it also.. vectra woohoo. I’m listening to Chris Colepaugh, it’s 5:03, it rocks. Went to Doc’s with Ned and Al, actually they were already there, I met them there. Drank a few.. more than a few, maybe 5. T’was fun. Talked to Lynie afterwards, thats always fun. I noticed there’s alot of posts on the guestbook, keept them comming!! Time to try to fall asleep, later.

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The counter is stuck at 151.. cuz I broke it.. right now I’m testing a new app that actually posts updates using an app.. and I click