April 27, 2000

Talked to Mike the pilot

Talked to Mike the pilot today. He explained everything I ever wanted to know about IFR, very intresting. I want to fly a plane. I’m trying something new here at college. I usually carry around a big binder with all my notes for class, since I don’t take notes, it’s pointless, so now I have 3 transparent folder thingies and a transparent clip board thingy. I’m happy with that, I feel a bit more organized. I want to go hiking, real bad! If it’s nice out during the weekend, I’m taking off. Gonna bring my stove, have a nice dinner next to Third Vault Falls or Laverty Falls, or maybe just at Kinnie Brook.. if I’m real adventurous, I’ll go right up Salmon River and have lunch at the swimming hole. Mmmm.. natural gas cooked Mr. Noodles.



That’s my stove

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My friend Eric has got his webpage updated. I love it, very talented artist, I really hope he gets noticed. I ate at the new Dairy Queen on Mountain
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