February 10, 2014

remote adventures


I’ve been using my iPad to ssh into my home server a lot lately. I have it tethered to an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. I also picked up an incase Origami Workstation, which I love. Here’s something I learned: In bash when you type a long command (which takes time if you DON’T have a keyboard) and notice you made a typo in the first word, you can type C-a to go to the beginning of the line and C-e to go to the end. If you run screen, you’d have to do a C-a C-a (tmux you’re fine since your escape is C-b by default). Take a look at the readline section of the bash man page.


I discovered tmux. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Seems a lot of the common commands are the same as screen, so that’s good.


OS X screen sharing is good if you have a fast connection. But if you’re tethered to a 3G connection and your home broadband only has 400kb/s upstream, it is VERY slow. RealVNC has a server for OS X, I’m surprised it took me this long to notice. The free license allows 5 machines. I love the RealVNC app on iOS, now I just VPN to home and use the iOS app. The connection auto-figures-out the speed and adjusts the quality accordingly.

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well that was fast calepin is nice, but it seems it’s not really supported anymore. So I ventured to run pelican myself on sdf. Alas the VHOST and DNS memberships
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