October 13, 2002

I’m done reading my old

I’m done reading my old posts, I’ve learned a few things, noticed a few things.. very enlightning. I went thru and actually corrected a few code errors. I was listening to Bootylicious on the way to work. I am so bored. Gary is cleaning the print area, he’s desperatly looking for stuff to put in the Shred-it” recycling bin. I happen to be sitting right next to the print area. When the printer turns on, it’s vents blow the refreshing smell of toner right in my face. It’s wonderful. It’s only been 2 hours!! 8 to go. I’m looking forward to supper, I’m very hungry.. I think I’m going to go get something to eat.. like junk, and caffeine.There… Dr. Pepper, Cruncheez and a Coffee Crisp, everything a bored computer geek needs to satisfy his hunger.

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Another day, another post. Since I’ve newly discovered my old posts, I’ve seen the advantage of having a blog. I can go back in the past and really
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I wonder if it’d be worth it if I subscribe to Blogger Pro. I’d have a bunch of extra features.. like posting in the future, and the past.