June 30, 2003

I shouldn’t be creating a new entry

I’m listening to Enter Sandman .. and I’m wondering why I’m single.

Oh.. did I mention I’m drinking wine? No? Thought so.. well.. I’m drinking wine. Went to Right Spot with Ned and Al to see an Albert County Jam” Chris Colepaugh and others jammed till 2 am. It was quite extraordinary. I plan on going to St. Andrews to see Chris play on Canada Day.. which it so happens to be. I remember a few years back I actually included a Canadian flag in one of my posts.. perhaps you could search for it :)

Now it’s the Beatles. I’m using Ack’s USB light.. Ack being the other Al.. geez.. I’m really tied of saying Al.. I need some other way of distinguishing them.. and I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough of thinking up an idea myself.. so I put this challenge to them. Find some way that I can name you guys so that people know which Al I’m talking about.

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jerk jerky I just got back from the Farmer’s Market with my co-worker Mark.. I got me a quesdeilla and some spicy beef jerky .. and a french vanilla cap..
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Happy Day After Canada Day Chumpy and I never got to St. Andrews, instead we went downtown, watched the fireworks, ate at Pump House, checked out the jam at Paramount Lounge