April 18, 2004


Mouhouhahahaha!!! I skipped another day! Nic and I went geocaching yesterday .. out of 4 caches we found 0. I think most of them were out of season. We got to a very cool one in Freddy, on the north side, some kind of volcano thing full of pine trees, pretty cool.

I started playing Tetris again, I beat my high score. 301306 starting off on level 9. This is with Tetris DX. I also uninstalled the POT for my afterburner and resoldered a few connections that looked crappy .. some still look crappy, but it works.

Very nice day today.. it a beer on Main street” kind of day.

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rondomininini einini poof This is a great article. Good point and observations, some I’ve seen myself.
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389793 My new high score. I skipped another day! I am soo unfaithful to my reading public. Go Habs Go.